12 Zero Waste Cleaning Cloths - Flannel Paper Towels - Teal and Gray Reusable Paper Towels - Eco Friendly Gifts

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100 cotton flannel handmade locally 


A great way to reduce your paper consumption and save some money, these single ply paper towels will be a fun addition to your kitchen. Made from 100% cotton they are incredibly absorbent and not harsh on your hands. Treat these reusable paper towels just as you would a normal paper towel then set them aside and wash them with your laundry. The flannel fabric clings to itself so you can roll it up onto an old paper towel roll and "tear" one off whenever you need it.

Great for cleaning up spills, cleaning around the house, drying your hands, or even as a casual napkin! I use these towels in my own kitchen for most of my cleaning chores.

SIZE: 12” by 11”

CARE: Machine wash warm, tumble dry low. DO NOT use fabric softeners as these will cause the towels to lose absorbency.