Seamon Family Farm Handmade Soaps & More!

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Handmade soap made in small batches locally. 
Using only the top quality ingredients harvested from our farm. Each bar of soap is crafted with love

☘️Leave in conditioner designed to support every part of your hair. Just spray on damp hair and continue your normal styling routine

Shower steamers are a great way to pamper yourself
Simply place the steamer on thr shower edge and let the steam do the work for you
Enjoy beautiful aromatherapy any day of the week

Lip Balms made with the simplest ingredients and only essential oils Never synthetics or preservatives

“These ultra fizzing bath bombs are the perfect addition to any bath. Available in multiple scents”


4 different scents available (for now) and all you need is a whisk and a bowl

This is the perfect gift for all the grand kiddos!

Mom’s and Dad’s will thank you for not buying a toy!

Gift the kids something to do and a memory this year with these ultra fizzing bath bomb recipes!

These would even make great gifts for an adult who likes to craft or work with their hands!

$19.95 but this weekend ONLY they are

You get about 7-8 bath bombs PER BOX! How great is that!

So order yours by Dec 17th to ensure by Christmas ❤️