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Essential Roller using only 100% essential oils and organic hemp oil. Made with only top of the line products, to provide the absolute best product. Pick from several selections, or grab one of them all. Perfect for on the go to travel in your pocket or purse. This is a Seamon Family Farm product locally handmade. 10ml 

Never leave home without ❤️
These amazing glass essentials oil rollers will always have your back. Whether it’s to help you focus during those midday blues or while driving to visit family.
Or to settle down after a long or anxious day? We have one for you too!

Chronic headaches? Yup, got one for that!

Stuffy nose? You really think we would leave this one out? No way!

We currently offer four different essential oil rollers.

Headache, sinus, sleep and focus.
All made with 100% organic hemp seed oil as their carrier and hand picked essential oils, blended for the perfect job.

Keep these in your purse, pocket, on your desk, in the car or by your bedside. These little rollers will stand the test of time .. and the washer ask me how I know 🥴.. so you can rest assured you will always have it when you need it most.

If you are new to essential oil rollers and are not sure how to use them, that’s ok!
Take the roller and gently apply behind the ears, on the base of your neck, on your chest or wrists. Depending on which one you need.

For headaches- behind the ears and along your hair line or along the forehead if you have a frontal headache.

For sinus- right on your forehead, cheek bones and behind your ears. Image you are coloring your sinuses.

For sleep or focus- behind your ears, on your neck or chest or even your wrists will do.