12 Zero Waste Cleaning Cloths - Towels Reusable Paper Towels - Eco Friendly Gifts

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These come pre rolled onto a heavy duty kraft tube that can be reused just like the towels! Simply roll the towels back on after you wash them.

The wonderful thing about flannel is that it clings to itself so you can roll your paperless towels up onto a paper towel holder and they will be just as easy to use as your disposable paper towels. Just “tear” one off when you need it! Cotton’s absorbency increases after a few washes.

I use these in my own house to wipe up spills, dust, wipe down the counter tops, clean mirrors, clean my toddler’s hands, and so much more. These are incredibly versatile and have many uses. They can even be used as cloth napkins for dinner! My friend puts one in her purse and uses it to dry her hands in public so she doesn’t use paper towels in public bathrooms too.

Each person, on average uses 80 rolls of paper towels in a year! Think about how much money you can save and how many trees you can save. 110 million trees are used each year to make paper towels and when paper towels decompose they create methane which is one of the leading gases that contributes to climate change.

SIZE: 12” x 11”

CARE: Machine wash warm, tumble dry low. DO NOT use fabric softeners as these will cause the towels to lose absorbency.