Liberty Black Short Answer Black Boots

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 The Short Answer is "No."  The Long Answer is "Oh...Heck No." 

Every day the world tends to drag us by the hand yelling, "This is important.  And this is important!  And you must worry about this too."  As I age, I try to remind myself that silence is never empty.  Silence tends to be full of answers.  Oftentimes the right answers.  You may notice me getting quieter [in each role of my life] and listening for those answers.  I am learning that you can be a good person, with a kind heart, and still say no.  No is not a curse word [though I haven't learned to give those up quite yet.]

Our Liberty Black Short Answer Black Boots will act as the simple period following the word no.  There's no need for discussion or frilly excuses after the period.  Your thoughts are finished and contained.  You feel your reason for saying no in your heart and that's the only place it is necessary.

Pair these subtly bulleted, stitched-up, and overlaid babes with any style of denim imaginable, and if you're feeling a little risky, slip them on underneath your favorite black dress.

  • Sizing Suggestion: Wear true to size. The model usually wears a size 8.5 and she would purchase a 8.5.
  • Reminder: genuine leather will stretch with wear.
  • Round Toe.
  • Inside Zipper.
  • Shaft height is approx. 7".
  • Heel height is approx. 4" tall.
  • Ankle circumference is approx. 11".